Dinolift: Self-propelled lifts



Trailer, spider and self-propelled boom lifts for construction, forestry and equipment rental companies

Finish access platform company Dinolift produces trailer lifts, spider lifts and self-propelled boom lifts characterized by a particularly rugged, all terrain design with machines built to be used under the most demanding conditions. VERSALIFT Denmark is the exclusive Danish retailer of Dinolift responsible for all sales, support and after-sale support of the entire product range of Dinolift.


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Trailer lifts Spider lifts Self-propelled Boom lifts 

Trailer lifts

Trailer Lifts from Dinolift are obvious solutions for equipment rental companies due to the high degree of mobility and user friendliness of the machines.


The product line-up is vast covering a broad working area with maximum working heights ranging from 10 through 26 metres from 17 different models.


The trailer mounted aerial access platforms are available as pure telescopic booms and articulated telescopic booms – and both series are available with or without a power pack.


Spider lifts

The spider lifts from Dinolift are remote controlled articulated boom lifts mounted on tracked undercarriages with large spider-class outriggers. The length of the tracks allow the vehicles to scale even large slopes adding to the off road capabilities.


The outriggers can level the machine from a 16° slope and will thus allow the machine to be operated on very uneven surfaces if needed.



Self-propelled Boom lifts

The self-propelled articulated telescopic boom lifts of Dinolift grants safe access to up to 26.5 metres of working height. The articulated design allows the operator to reach 6 metres up and over buildings or obstacles or to ascent 100% vertically.


The machines of the RXT serie have superior off road capabilities due to the vehicles four wheel drive and oscillating front axle. The machines furthermore possess 2 wheel, 4 wheel and crab steering.




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