Hinowa LightLift 23.12 IIIs
Working area: Rental / Craft / Industry
Access platform category: Spider Lifts
Working height: 20-30 M
Platform height21.2 m
Max outreach11.4 / 10.0 m
Max platform capacity120 / 200 kg
Min. GVW: 2900 kg
Vehicle brand
MH capacity
Special for this model:

Hinowa LightLift 23.12 IIIs is part of the latest series of tracked access platforms by Hinowa equipped with features including:

  • Combustion engine for outdoor use
  • Electrical engine for indoor use (230V)
  • New remote control
  • New software
  • Automatic and simultaneous stabilization of outriggers
  • Automatic destabilization of outriggers. The system preserves the possibility to stabilize single outriggers manually in case of particular obstacles
  • User interface with icons and English text
  • The system of the machine is visible in the RAHM net which, through a satellite system, identifies the machine everywhere and helps to control the state and regularity of use, carrying out an online diagnosis
  • The weight in the basket is 'selection automatic' (120 - 200 kg) and does not allow for errors or overloads
  • Access platform controlled by hydraulic handles
  • Tracked undercarriage controlled by electro-hydraulic joysticks
  • Very compact transport mode dimensions (height < 2 m)

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